TIMEX displays, boxes and papers

As marketing played a huge role in promoting and selling the TIMEX watches in shopping environments that were not primarily aimed at selling watches (tabacconists, wharehouses, petrol stations), they made sure to their watches couldn't be missed. They develloped different displays and boxes which were as appealing as the TIMEX watches and great in communicating their USP's and specs. 

TIMEX displays

The TIMEX display served both as a way of presenting the TIMEX watches and as a way of keeping stock for their ditributors. Focussing on one specific spec of the TIMEX watches, the collection was presented to the public. In the US there are still some nice vintage TIMEX displays to be obtained through eBay. A great way to present your own TIMEX collection.

TIMEX boxes

The boxes of TIMEX had a great presence  They were consistent with the values of TIMEX. Made of plastic (cheap) but highly contemporary (hip and happening with TIMEX), robust (unbreakable) and a perfect means to present the TIMEX watches.  

TIMEX papers

The papers of a newly bought TIMEX watch back in the days consisted of a punch card or later a post card with the model number stamp, a dealer stamp, a guarantee for the period of 1 year after purchase when correctly registered. This guarentee registration card had to be filled in by the customer and had to be send to the local TIMEX company or TIMEX distributor.

At the same time it was a way for TIMEX to learn more from the TIMEX client base. People were asked to state their age, occupation, gender, how they learned about TIMEX, etc. etc. A lot of the vintage TIMEX watches you can find at eBay that also have the correct papers, still have the guarantee card attached to it. Many people who bought a TIMEX apparently didn't value this guarantee TIMEX offered. It was a cheap watch they bought and cheap doesn't match up with guarantee they must have been thinking. 

TIMEX manuals

70's Italian TIMEX Quartz manual

70's Italian TIMEX GMT manual

70's Italian TIMEX Day-Date manual

70's Italian TIMEX Diver manual