TIMEX Sprite 'Bulls Eye' (1971) 

Ref. 23170 2471 | Manual wound M24 movement | Diameter 30,5mm

This 'Bulls Eye' Sprite is a collector's classic within the TIMEX mechanical watches collection. Other nicknames for this model are 'roulette wheel' and 'target'. The TIMEX Sprite was produced from 1971 until 1973. It has a chrome plating over a metal base case, an acrylic crystal and a stainless steel caseback. Back in 1971 you could buy this watch for only $10.95. 

A technical dial

The TIMEX Sprite has a technical looking dial with several colored rings. The outer white ring represents the seconds 0-60 markings with black and white hashes for each second. More centrally, a red ring counts the hours 13-24 of the 24 hour day. Central to this, a black ring is present with hours 1-12 in a greenish luminous paint. 

TIMEX Sprite Calendar ref. 23771